– To manage the risks to our employees, customers, and those in the vicinity, we will provide adequate control measures regarding all risks to their health, as well as general safety; we will manage all the environmental risks that may arise from any of our work activities.

– We will comply with SQAS and the European chemical industry performance standards.

– We will consult with our employees on all matters affecting their overall health and safety at work. We will integrate applicable social, human rights, and health and safety requirements into our operations and relationships with partners.

– With the help of our employees, we will provide and will maintain in safe working order all vehicles, buildings, and equipment owned or used by our company.

– Through training and testing, we will ensure that workers are aware of the required «Personal Protective Equipment» (PPE) and personal protective measures; general occupational safety measures for the safe handling and use of chemicals.

– By fostering employee engagement, we will actively support and encourage their formal and informal contributions to the development of the system in all aspects of health, safety at work, environmental protection, quality control, and safety. In addition, workers must be held accountable for complying with the requirements of this policy.

– Our goal is to protect the environment from any pollution in the course of economic activities, including preventing soil pollution (including groundwater), reducing waste and gas emissions, reducing the consumption of natural resources and other materials, focusing on the requirements of ISO 14001. Therefore, we will carefully select methods of disposal of waste and consumables in an environmentally friendly manner.

– Through formal and informal training, we will provide the necessary guidance and information, we will supervision our employees – to ensure that they are competent and can perform their assigned duties by the required standards.

– We will make every effort to ensure that there are no injuries in our company, and will promote this by adhering to our company’s standards and training workers to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Together we will make every effort to prevent accidents among our employees and eliminate all cases of occupational diseases; we will also contribute to informing about all Accidents and Non-compliance with our standards.

– We will train all personnel in the principles of «Safe Behavior» (BBS).

– All employees must be trained, actively encouraged to perform, and must fully adhere to our Quality Standards and Procedures to ensure that quality control is integrated into all areas of our business, product delivery, and customer service.

– Through training and overseeing our employees, we will develop and deliver improvements for environmental performance, security requirements for sensitive materials, and documentation.

– Employees are strictly prohibited from consuming, being under the influence, bringing and transferring Alcohol, Drugs, and Prohibited Substances while working/on a voyage.

– We will not use the labor of persons under the age of 18. Any work should be carried out only voluntarily and any compulsion to work is unacceptable (including the work of prisoners). Working conditions and times are indicated in our documents regarding the working regime. We will not discourage people from coming together for any reason.

– Our Security Standards include protecting people, our customers’ products, and confidential information.

– Our Company has included the «GMP + B4» standards in its activities and will fully comply with them during the preparation and implementation of feed transportation, to ensure the safety of feed. Management ensures that these standards are met, that all employees involved are communicated, that the necessary training is carried out, and that we regularly assess the quality of our activities in this area. Feed handling personnel will act according to all applicable requirements, including receiving transport orders, assigning appropriate vehicles and drivers, required tank cleaning, proper training, driver training, and proper loading and unloading operations.

– The company undertakes to avoid discrimination (by skin color, race, sex, religion, nationality, social status, political affiliation) when hiring, firing, and during daily work activities.

– The civic position of our company is to obtain stable long-term benefits through positive public relations and high ethical standards to reduce business, humanitarian, environmental and legal risks by taking responsibility for our activities. We conduct responsible business activities to maintain a safe and prosperous marketplace with fair competition and practice generally accepted business and social ethics (including anti-corruption and anti-bribery, money laundering, fraud).

– Our Washing Station operates according to EFTCO standards.

– We do not transport foodstuffs in vehicles that transport chemical or feed cargo. The principle of such division of cargo is basic for all types of the company’s activities.