Mission and vision

MIKO Group’s mission is to develop the logistics services market in Ukraine and provide the best services for our clients. We consider our core values to be expertise, reliability and care for the environment. We are constantly investing in the development of new technologies and raising standards in the field of logistics. Our team works every day to provide the best quality of service and safe transportations for our clients.
13 years of experience in the field of logistics, certification according to European standards and a strict selection of partners with whom our company cooperates guarantee the reliability of the MIKO Group.


Company history

MIKO Group was founded in 2007. There were 2 people working in our first office. Now MIKO Group is a large Ukrainian logistics company with its own trucks and offices in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.

We started our journey as a logistics operator of chemical goods. Within 13 years, our company has earned a reputation as a reliable and competent partner to the largest European chemical concerns. In 2011, MIKO Group successfully passed the European SQAS certification. Our quality standards and responsible approach to work received the highest marks from auditors in the CIS.

High quality service is part of the company’s culture and DNA. We are happy to work as a team and help our clients deliver a wide variety of goods, not only chemicals. The subsidiary Cargo Delivery Trans was founded in 2020. Our quality and safety standards apply to the transport of both chemical and standard cargo.

The main focus of MIKO Group now is the development of the logistics sector in Ukraine and the CIS countries. We are investing in the creation and improvement of a network of tank washers that meet all European standards. Our specialists advise clients and train personnel so that more and more companies with a similar philosophy grow.


Foundation of MIKO Group


The first cooperation with a large European chemical concern

2011 Logo

First SQAS certification


Foundation of our own transport company MIKO Trans-1

2013 Logo

SQAS-certified tank truck washes opened

2015 Logo

10 trucks at MIKO Trans-1

2017 Logo

Creation of UNTCA, a member of the EFTCO Federation

2020 Logo

Foundation of subsidiary Cargo Delivery