International cargo transportation

Our goal is to provide Ukrainian logistics market with a full-fledged and high-quality set of logistics services according to the international 3PL concept.
13 years of experience in the international market show: 3PL strategy allows our clients to save up to 15%.

The MIKO Group manages its own fleet of trucks. We also work with subcontractor
fleets that have passed our internal audit and meet the company’s high quality standards.

International cargo transportation
We provide a sustainable future and the best quality of service for our clients.
MIKO Group works with companies from various industries.
We develop individual logistics solutions for each client.
Our partners
We are proud of long-term cooperation with our reliable partners!
Grupa Azoty
Dow Chemical
Synthos S.A.
Bozzetto Group
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MIKO Group is an international 3PL-level logistics operator. For more than 13 years we have been organizing the transportation of all types of goods by road, sea, air and cargo transportation by rail.

Our history began with the transportation of bulk chemical cargo for the largest European manufacturers. Now MIKOTeam provides complex logistics services every day for more than 500 satisfied customers from Ukraine, the CIS and Europe. Subsidiary logistics company Cargo Delivery organizes the delivery of packaged goods, including hazardous ones. Our own transport company includes a fleet of tankers and a technical support team.

The goal of MIKO is not only to introduce international transportation according to European standards to the Ukrainian market. For our clients, we develop complex logistics solutions of any complexity, including not only transportation, but also all related services. In addition, we are developing a project that is unique for our region – the MIKO Tank & Truck Cleaning Station washing for tankers and trucks.

We consider a sustainable future to be our key value. That is why in MIKO Group all projects, processes and stages of cooperation with clients are created for reliability, environmental friendliness and safety. MIKOTeam operates according to the European SQAS standard. We are GMP + certified and have GTPL insurance for € 10,000,000.

Types of services provided by the transport and logistics company Miko Group

The ecosystem of our logistics products for a sustainable future looks like this:

  • International freight transport
    • Transport types
      • International road transport. We use Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks and develop the most optimal routes to reduce our environmental impact.
      • Intermodal solutions. The combination of road transport with rail and sea transport is not only environmentally friendly, but also profitable. We organize intermodal transportation and develop individual solutions for routes and cargo of any complexity.
      • International air freight. The fastest way to transport cargo.
    • Types of cargo
      • Bulk. Logistic services for buyers and manufacturers of bulk chemical raw materials is an area in which MIKO stands out among Ukrainian companies for the highest level of expertise.
      • Packaged. We select any type of transport for any route of cargo transportation abroad: from an awning to a refrigerator.
      • Dangerous. A team of specialists who regularly improve their qualifications are engaged in the logistics of ADR cargo.
  • Washing trucks and tank trucks MIKO Tank & Truck Cleaning Station. The best equipment and standards that have no analogues in the region.
  • Consulting services.
  • Mobile tech support team on the way.
  • Design and installation of fall protection systems at loading and unloading points in factories.
  • Cross-docking services in warehouses in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The main advantages of the Ukrainian 3PL operator Miko Group

Do you need an international freight carrier? Choose MIKO Group!

  • European standards with a Ukrainian heart.
  • Reliable partner in logistics.
  • Wide transport possibilities.
  • 13 years of expertise.
  • Caring for the environment and a sustainable future.